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Criminal Defense Strategies

We’ve all heard of the self-defense strategy, and there is a reason for that… because it can be a very effective strategy for some criminal cases. A criminal defense attorney in Lebanon, TN might argue that the defendant’s actions were justified. For example, if the defendant shot someone that was threatening their life with a dangerous weapon, this could possibly be grounds…Read More

In certain criminal cases, it may be an option to argue that there was a mistake of fact or mistake of law. Utilization of the mistake defense requires the defendant’s attorney to argue that the defendant made a mistake that thereby negates an element of the crime. For example, a criminal defense attorney in Lebanon, TN presenting a defense for a theft…Read More

If a defendant is intoxicated while allegedly committing the crime, a criminal defense attorney in Lebanon, TN might opt to use this fact as a defense strategy. If the defendant was intoxicated it could be argued that they did not know what they were doing. And specifically, if a defendant is involuntarily intoxicated, through no action of their own, this can possibly…Read More

One criminal defense strategy that may be an option is to argue that the defendant cannot be found guilty for the crime simply because she or he did not comprehend or grasp what she or he was doing, or that the actions were even wrong or criminal in any way. There are certainly varying degrees of this defense. An insanity…Read More